Custom Step Build-Overs

Beautiful Renovations to Old, Tired Steps.

Beautiful, Top-Quality Step Build Overs

Whether you are looking to replace old, rotting steps or simply upgrade your existing steps with a whole new look – we will turn your vision into reality.

We are right here in New Hampshire. Let us sit down with you and map out your exterior step renovation today!

Our Recent Work

New Wood Steps Over Original Concrete

Here we covered over the customer’s old concrete steps which matches the look of the home much better. We used composite decking and rails for longevity.

Custom Front Steps

These beautiful steps are all composite over a pressure treated frame. They are nice and safe and tie in nicely with the home.

Brand New Custom Front Steps (at Night!)

A nice all composite step build over on a pressure treated frame. It was a frosty night but the work needed to get done and it came out really nice.

Custom Front Steps Over Concrete

All pressure treated step build over.

New Steps Over Tired Old Concrete Steps

The old concrete steps had seen their better day. We replace them with all pressure treated lumber bringing new life into these steps and improving curb appeal.

New Steps, Landing to Replace Rotting Concrete Steps

The old steps were clearly failed. The old steps were removed and we built this new set of safe steps for them all out of pressure treated lumber. These new steps are far safer and aesthetically pleasing.

Replacement Steps

These customers old concrete steps were slanted but solid. We built over the existing steps and made them level and safe.