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If you are looking to finally install central air or just want to replace your old, inefficient furnace, we have a line of great solutions for you.

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Our Recent Work

Brand New Oil Boiler w/Indirect Water Heater

This is a nice new Burnham MPO IQ oil boiler with a new Amtrol Indirect water heater. This system also has a PC700 control to help make this boiler even more fuel efficient!

All-in-One Heating and A/C for Condominium Complex

This is a new package unit for a condo development. Gas furnace and central air conditioning in one exterior unit.

All-in-One System Ideal for Mobile Homes and Campgrounds

These systems are a great direct replacement for mobile homes and camps because they provide a furnace and air conditioning in one unit.

New Gas Boiler and Indirect Hot Water Tank

Burnham gas boiler with Amtrol indirect water heater.

Aprilaire Whole House Humidifier

Premium OIl Boiler w/Power Venter and Amtrol Indirect Water heater

This is a Burnham MPO oil boiler with a new Tjerland power venter. We also added the new Amtrol indirect water heater. The new Indirect water heater with the new Honeywell mixing valve will give this customer lots of hot water.

Wall-Hung Heater

This is a new wall-hung heater. This was installed in a Hampton, NH beach cottage. This is nice option for a cottage or small room to heat. They can run on natural gas or propane. They are also great for basements.

Versatile Burnham Boiler w/Wall Vent Capability

Pictured is a new Burnham PVG gas power vented boiler. This boiler can vent straight through the wall if you don’t have a chimney. These are very versatile boilers.