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Our Recent Work

Major Basement Remodel

This basement remodel brought about some drastic but great changes. We stripped the basement down to the studs and removed all the walls in the basement except for the bathroom. Then removed the windows facing the driveway and relocated and replaced the entry door. Next we added some steel beams to be able to remove 2 support columns which opened up the basement. A wall was added to create a storage and mechanical room. After all that was done we finished the room and this is the end result.

Basement Remodel

This basement was bare down to the concrete walls with no ceiling. We completed the remodel (customer wanted to handle the flooring at a later time). Now our customer has a nice family room to spend time in that was formerly unused space.

New Door Replacement

Here we replaced a screen door that had rotted and an exterior door that had a water leak. The leak was causing the wood to rot on both sides of the door frame but more so on the right side. We repaired the leak and replaced both doors.