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Ductless and Central Heating/Cooling Solutions
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Ductless Depot

Mini-Split Ductless Heat and A/C

Affordable, High-Efficiency Heat and Air Conditioning in One

Save Big with Energy Efficient Operation

Ductless systems lose less than 5% cooling vs. up to 40% for traditional forced-air systems. Heat pump technology means increased efficiencies, a high SEER rating, and lower utility bills for you.

No Unsightly Ductwork to Install

Only a small 3 to 4-inch opening in the wall or ceiling is neeed to connects the indoor and outdoor units. Refrigerant is cycled through the lines from the outdoor condensing unit to the indoor unit, where the air is quietly distributed to the interior space.

Easy to Control via Remote or App

Change the set temperature, fan direction, speed, and even set a timer using the included remote control or wifi-compatible app available with most units. No need to mess with on-wall thermostats again.

Ultra-Low Maintenance

No pricey annual cleanings, no ducts to have blown out every few years. Just vacuum the filters every 6-12 months and you’re done.

Quiet Enough for the Bedroom

Ductless air conditioners are comprised of an indoor and outdoor unit, which allows for a peaceful inside environment by enabling us to install louder components like compressors and motors outdoors.

Heating and Cooling in One

Ductless systems provide just the right amount of heating and cooling needed utilizing multiple indoor units connected to one outdoor unit. Each indoor unit creates its own “zone” of comfort, allowing you to heat or cool individual rooms, hallways and open spaces.

Handles Extreme Temperatures

Ductless mini-splits are designed to cool and heat efficiently with temperatures as high as 115°F and as low as -15°F. But don't worry, they still work great with temperatures beyond these extremes.

No Wasted Heat with Individual Zones

Why pay to heat or cool areas that no one is occupying? Individual zoning allows you to heat or cool the areas you want, and not the areas that are unoccupied.

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Central Cooling & Heating

Solutions for your whole home done right.

Installation & Replacements

Complete line of oil and gas solutions tailored to you, available for every homeowner and business.
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Gas/Oil Furnace Cleanings

Annual cleanings include multi-point inspections, operation tests, and replacement of filters.
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A/C System Tune-Ups

Ensure your central air conditioning is running efficiently with a 20+ point inspection and tune-up.
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The Trolley Crossing Difference

If you are looking to finally install central air or just want to replace your old, inefficient furnace, we have a line of great solutions for you. We will come to you and discuss all of your options.

On-Time Arrival

Punctuality is key, so we’ll be there when we say we will, or notify you well in advance.

Easy to Talk To

We will treat you with respect and  answer any questions you have during the project.

Clean & Professional

We’re professionals and like to dress the part. We’ll arrive in a clean, professional uniform.

Protect Your Home

We'll ensure your floors remain spotless as we work, with drop cloths and shoe coverings.

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Hot Water Heaters & Tanks

Replacements and New Installations

Why Choose Trolley Crossing?

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Is your tank leaking? Are you looking to upgrade to a high-efficiency tank? We'll come to your home and provide a custom quote, free of charge.

High-Efficiency Tanks

Whether your hot water heater is indirect or powered by gas, oil, or electric, we have high-efficiency solutions that will help you save money.

Tankless Upgrades

Endless hot water. Save space. Save money. These are Just some of the benefits we'd be happy to discuss with you about tankless hot water heaters.